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Dungeons and Dragons

Joins us for a weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Note: This event has already passed.

Your quest begins every Saturday at Yardley Community Center.  

In Dungeons & Dragons, the players form an adventuring party who explore fantasy worlds together as they embark on epic quests and level up in experience. The Dungeon Master (also known as the DM) is the game's referee and storyteller. D&D departs from traditional wargaming by allowing each player to create their own character to play instead of a military formation. These characters embark upon adventures within a fantasy setting. The core of D&D is about storytelling. The group of players essentially tell a collective story, guiding heroes through dangerous quests to search for treasure, battle deadly foes, and even carry out daring rescues. The adventure itself is only limited by the imagination of the players around the table.



Registration Information

Please call Yardley at (520) 533-2404 for more information.